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Code 61 Denim: Bottom-body wear for every profession, every motion and every emotion

Code61 Bottom body wear for every profession every motion and every emotion | Women Jeans | Women Fashion Jeans | Fashion Trends

Do you often wish that you had different pairs of jeans that would suit you well and do wonders on any occasion that you wear them? A pair of jeans, so stunning, relaxed and comfortable with everything you hope to have in your clothes – simplicity, spectacularity and sex appeal  – just right on point. Well, ladies and gentleman, here your wish comes true.

Designed for mine workers, after all these years, a pair of blue jeans is not just a work/luxury wear anymore. It has turned into the cornerstone of any worthy wardrobe. With time, more and more brands kept setting their foot in the denim industry, changing the misconception about its utilisation.

And after 150 years of its birth, denim is now proving to be the best alternative for every profession, every motion and every emotion.

  • Run errands in style

For the weekends or hectic days often spent running errands and fulfilling all the household duties, your go-to skinny jeans are a chic alternative to save yourself from the chaotic hassles of carrying uncomfortable skirts, asking for your attention time and again. You could pair the pair of jeans with a tucked-in printed shirt, casual sneakers or flats and girl, you’re ready to roll for what could feel like the most hectic of the days.

  • Take your work look up a notch

If you’re wearing jeans to your workplace, you must take care of keeping a high-low balance so as to not come in direct notice yet turn all the eyes towards you. Try a checkered blazer with straight leg jeans and team them with a smart bag and heels. If that’s too much, try a pair of classy flared jeans and top it up with a simple yet stunning top. Be the fashionista that you are and enchant them all at work, queen.

  • Slay on the date night

Wondering what to wear to that date you’ve been dreaming of since forever? Just pair an intricate crop top with a simple pair of high-rise skinny jeans. Add extra charm to the overall look with an elegant pair of heels and you’re all set to steal their heart in one go. Whether it’s a movie night or a fancy dinner date, a pair of dark-toned skinny jeans, a beautiful top and high heels will never let you down.

  • Be party ready

Who said parties mean over the top cocktail dresses? When you have a pair of structured, wide-legged, palazzo-shaped jeans and a balancing light-toned well-fitted top, you have nothing to worry about. Just note that dark-toned jeans at nights accentuate your looks by hundred times over and high waists elongate your legs just extremely sleekly. Are you all set to turn the heads around?

  • Celebrate the lunch time

Want to look effortlessly shiny during your exclusive lunch dates? Well, you’re in for a treat then. Sport a silky cami top, a casual tee or a loose shirt with perfectly fitted straight or tapered jeans cut right above your ankles. Complete the look with a pair of printed sandals and a little pendant. Doll, you’re all glammed up!

  • For that travel look

We highly advocate the dire need for having exclusive airport looks. Why should celebrities have all the fun? Don wide-legged or baggy jeans with a casual, nonchalant top and make your travel time bearable. This look is outlined to keep you all glammed while also comforted during, what seem like, endless travelling hours.

  • Spend the Sundays in style

How do you be weekend ready while also keeping your fashion game up? Pyjamas are so out of style, we say. How about you pair a loose, oversized t-shirt or a cosy tank top with a pair of the most comfortable boyfriend jeans. Try this combination for a stylish and cosy Sunday and binge eat the french fries.

Here are seven extremely stylish, spectacular and snug-worthy demin tips for all the occasions, from Monday to Sunday. Because you all are queens and queens always love to keep their pomp and splendour dripping!

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