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Denim is the new LBD –Trending and Stylish

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These days be it work from home or parties, denim is pretty versatile and works well to put a look together. You can easily dress down denim with a cropped Tee or dress up with some jazzy top and heels.

We wonder if there is hardly any other fashion trend that has stayed as long as denim did. There is always a new trend and the old one, but denim has constantly found its way to us.

Whether it is a favorite pair of jeans or a denim jacket, every fashion enthusiast makes sure they invest a larger amount in pieces of denim.

Talking about 2021, when we are all staying in for work and moving out for vacation, denim is literally a perfect wardrobe staple for its versatility and the comfort it offers.

Some celebrity spotting in our favorite clothing “Jeans”: You can Party in them, travel in them, work from home in them, or just relax and be you.

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We have almost ditched the office attires that make us feel confident but not always comfortable with denim in our routine. And the reason is pretty clear; denims, are comfortable, chic, stylish, and, more importantly, sustainable.

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Denim is literally the new LBDs because they look incredibly stylish, whether it’s an online meeting, a house party, or a trekking trip with your group. The best part about this trend is, it applies to various age groups and comes with a unique style for all.

For most people, denim in 2021 is an apparent nostalgia with straight leg getting a bit of an upgrade into a ’90s bootcut’ and ‘70s flare with an ’80s pleated high waist. Well, who knew your mom’s jeans would actually make you feel and look like a diva by pairing them just with your pastel crop top and hat?

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So here are the 3 denim trends you definitely want to know about that every celebrity out there swears by!!!

  1. Call them wide-leg jeans or flared denim; this style surely made a significant comeback after the 60s and 70s. As they say, fashion comes backs for new generations and new styles, this is the most comfortable and most astonishing denim comeback we have seen.
  2. Skinny Jeans is one of the most go-to options for people of all ages and for almost all denim moods. Considered fashion’s biggest rival, skinny jeans are surely going nowhere this year but making their place in everyone’s wardrobe. And yes, why not for the versatility they hold?
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Apart from these, there are mom jeans, ribbed jeans, black pants, and white jeans that were also seen quite frequently in the fashion this year. So if you are someone looking for denim to upgrade your style game with something that is versatile and stylish, these are definitely the best options you can invest in.

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Whether you are an adult trying to find a balance of style between work and parties or a college going girl looking for ways to stay in the trend without being OTT online, denims are definitely something that is affordable, comfortable, chic, and trending. So buy your favorite and create your own style statement with them.

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