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Founded in the year 2008, Code61 is one of those rare denim brands based in Gujarat that does in-house designing, stitching, washing, and packaging. The founder Maulik Gajjar’s unique method to constantly research for the best cuts, texture, and feel for the best in market denim, separates Code61 from the rest. The firm experiments a lot before finally deducing a design for any of its denim types. Thus the final product is not only effortlessly comfortable but also stylishly appreciable.”

ELEGANT. Comfortable. Fashion forward
Stand out by wearing Code61’s inch-perfect Denim jeans. Manifest your lower-body glamorously.

Separate design teams work at Code61 primarily keeping in mind the styling needs of women, men and kids. That’s why our jeans are soothingly sassy, fashionably comfortable and above all relaxing!

Come to us with used denim and we’ll tell you what to do with it. Code 61’s team will guide you on how to reuse that denim. Our denims are recyclable.
Code61’s collection consists of many types of denim designed keeping your everyday bottom-body comfort in mind. Skinnies for figure-hugging silhouette, high-waist to support your bellies, bell-bottoms widening from the knee downwards, and a lot more.
Designed to be worn for almost every occasion, you can wear Code61’s Denim jeans at your office, during your hangouts, dinner parties, window shopping and what not!
Wearing specially tailored Code 61’s jeans like the ones with detailed hem, high-waist, bell bottoms, loose-fits or stretchable denim you can look like your favorite fashion icon.
Experienced fashion designers working with expert tailors
Constantly employed for setting out the future fashion trend.”

Code61’s team comprises of erudite fashion designers that are exceptional at setting the fashion forward trend. Based on which they constantly team up with expert tailors to make the Denim even more comfortable, stylish, bold, and fashionable for you. They experiment with various fits and then come up with most appropriate innovative option for you.

Boot Cut Denim Jeans
Although an outcome of popular pop-culture in 90s, the boot-cuts are back currently as well. They are worn for classic themed parties and give you an ultra-flattering cut.
Skinny Stretchable Denim Jeans
Snugly fitting you around your waist, they are tight on thighs and calves thereby reflecting your female silhouette like no other.
Ripped and Flared Denim
Tight at thighs and diverging while its way down, flared jeans with detailed hem are ideal for your summer outings. Ripped Jeans seems the way chosen by the millennial today to look cooler!
History repeats itself
People drive back to the wider from the knees downward, forming a bell-like shaped denim for comfort. Blended with it are the vintage-inspired flared, high-waisted, and straight-legged denim for modern and sleek looks.
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Code61 ab9 | Women Jeans | Women Fashion Jeans | Fashion Trends
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Skinny Stretchable Denim Jeans
Best winter trends
Their versatility in offering comfort stretches anywhere from being an early morning gym wear to a quick brunch, or lunch as well as your casual social meets. They can even be flawless when worn for shopping your day to days.
Ankle length Fittted Denim Jeans
Best summer trends
It’s also an appropriate wear for your meetings and your small evening parties. They have the inherent ability to match the exact size and shape of your leg. And this is something that makes them appear longer as they slim down the hips and mid-section of your body.
Flared Fit Denim Jeans
New modern trends
If you wish to display your captivating body curves in the trendiest manner, Code 61’s flared fitting jeans are something you are looking for. The detailed hem will ensure plenty ventilation during hot summer outings.
Code61 Code61 Logo White | Women Jeans | Women Fashion Jeans | Fashion Trends
Denim Jeans with versatility
Code61’s Denim Jeans for every motion, every emotion and every profession.

Code61’s Denim collection is such that there is something or the other for every class of individual and the activities he or she is involved in doing. They are suited not only as stylish party wear and comfortingly chilling hangouts, but also for casual office wears. You can soothingly do any kind of motions after wearing them! Also, there is at least one that can be worn in each and every season. There are skinnies for winters, wide legged ones for summers, and stretchable jeans for monsoons.

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