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Denim Guide

How to shop for a perfectly fit pair of jeans?
  • Let’s face it, we all have flaws, we all are trying to be comfortable in our own skin. So while we are at it, how about we do it with the perfect pair of jeans that not only adds grace to your looks but also sky-rockets your confidence
  • Well, we completely understand the hustle that goes behind choosing the perfect pair of tailor-fit jeans made only for you. After all, it’s no cakewalk. We also know you do not want to wear what others are wearing, after all, there are so many styles, patterns and designs waiting to be explored.
  • While trial and error stands to be the first and the foremost effective method, we have rounded up a few failsafe steps to make the process extremely easy for you.
Sit down and choose comfort
  • Yes, trying on multiple pairs over and over again is exhausting but the way to the pair of jeans that compliments your body shape is through patience. When you try on jeans, take a couple of seconds out and sit down in them as well. If they feel comfortable and no weird bulges are popping out, there you have found your fit!
  • PS: If you’re looking for stretchy material, go a size down than you normally would as the size will expand after a few washes.
Do not estimate
  • Use a flexible measuring tape and get the sizes around the hips and waist. Put on a pair of shoes, preferably the one you’ll be wearing with your jeans, and measure the inseam length. While guessing the sizes is definitely an easy alternative, this is where the problem begins hence, make sure you refer to the size chart and choose the one that matches your dimensions.
Know the rise
  • If you love to sport your jeans below your belly button, you can leap for a low-rise pair of jeans. If you’re looking to elongate your legs, well, high rise jeans are for you whereas mid-rise jeans are for those with a long waist and medium height.
    Tips for online shopping
    If you’re shopping online, here are two important suggestions for you to choose the best size:
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Read the description
  • Carefully read the description of the product you’re looking for. Pay attention to the fabric type, cut, style, the amount of elastane. Checking these specifics will help you choose the pair that fits you perfectly.
Read the comments
  • What better than reading the reviews of real people? It’s the most convenient and easiest way of gaining insights into the quality and fit of the item.
Trust the customer service
  • When in doubt, get in touch with the customer support team. They are the best ones to guide you to the right size of jeans. Give a call, they’ll be there for you.
Order different sizes
  • We suggest you order the same jeans in different sizes and return those that don’t fit you. It’s always better than exchanging over and over again.
    Jeans that suit your body shape
    With so many varieties in shapes, patterns and styles, we are sure you do not want to stick to one size. In order to help you with the style that sits absolutely well with your body shape, we have listed down a few points to consider while shopping for jeans.
Top-heavy body
  • If you have an inverted triangle figure, that is, wide shoulders and bust, you may want to shift attention to the bottom part and flaunt your legs. In this case, a boot cut pair of jeans is for you and if there are embellishments on the pockets, you are in for a curvier look.
Bottom heavy body
  • More width below the abdomen, around hips and thighs, as compared to the upper part of the body makes for a pear-shaped body. If you have a pear body shape, straight leg jeans are the best choice for you.
A taller look
  • If you want a long lean look, or like we said elongate your legs, skinny jeans and straight leg jeans are always preferred. High-waisted jeans are a big yes whereas low-rise pairs are a big no-no.
Hide that tummy
  • Opt for a high-waisted pair of jeans to tuck in the love handles and belly fat nicely and stay away from low-rise jeans and they may highlight the prominent belly fat. Pair your high-waist pair of jean pants with a long top for a better conceal.
  • Yes, finding a perfect pair of jeans could be tricky, but that’s what we are here for. After all, we live in an imperfect world with its own sorts of flaws, the best thing to do is embrace those flaws and make the best out of them.
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