Black High-Waist Flared Denim for Women


Code61’s washed black tattered flared denim is a fashion statement in itself.It enhances your high-waist as well as gives you a cool look with the flare and tattered details.Pair it with your favorite top and you are good to go.Works well with loafers or heels,depending on what the occasion is.

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Code61’s high-waist black flared denim is a single piece of clothing to enhance your fashion statement. ‘Cause the one who glared always flared! So, stock this denim to keep all your tops paired. And don’t let anyone think that you never dared.
Starting right from a little bit high over your belly, Code 61’s high-waist black flared denim does not cut you off at the hips. They do an ideal job of sitting comfortably at your waist. You can style them in different ways, as casual or dressed up. Because they are flared, you get the extra volume near the bottom of your leg which makes you look longer and flatters almost any body shape. Paired with a loose top and striking glares, would make all the eyes near you stare.
–Gives you a retro feel.
–Widens coming to the bottom of your leg.
–High-rise makes carrying it extremely comfortable.
–Has a light fade and is slashed near the knees.
–Comes with a button and zip enclosure.[/vc_column_text]

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